Absolute TLC Akitas


CH Namika's Bond Fyre Quinn

CH Tlc's Wondering Thoughts




TLC's Down On Me



CH TLC's Better Watch Your Back


Parents are Bond and Singe                                                                                                             Parents are Bond and Singe

DOB: November 28th, 2010


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CH TLC's Dreaming Of The Future




CH TLC's Back On Track


CH TLC's Hachiko



CH TLC's Never Give Up On Me


This stunning boy finished with ease, with the grace of Nicki King at the end of the lead! Just take a look!

OFA Hips: GOOD (AK-13360G48M-PI)
OFA Elbows: NORMAL (AL-EL1691M48-PI)

Parents are CH Hudson x CH Macy
DOB: April 2013


CH Tlc's One Last Shot II






TLC's The Need For Speed Gyxer


CH  TLC's Never Give Up On Me

                    Parents are Stone and Chaos
                    DOB: November 20th, 2010

Bred By: Ann Johnson
Parents are Vegas x Jiggs
DOB: December 13, 2010


CH Namika's Mountain Echo





 CH TLC's Accidental Fortune

CH TLC's Shome For Ransom



Day Dream's Desired Love of TLC

***AKC Champion!!!***


CH TLC's Kamikaze The Sound And The Fury


[Kamikaze Akitas]


CH Namika N TLC Wil Tay Q Down



CH TLC's Worth The Wait


Parents are Stone and Chaos
DOB: April 18th, 2010

CH Kaminari D'Alquin





TLC's Timeless Addiction

***AKC Champion!!!***


CH  TLC's So Out Of Control


TLC's Takin You Back


CH Tlc's Just Over the Edge



CH TLC's Showin Them How To Play



CH Tlc's Namika's Drama Queen


Parents are CH Chester x CH Nona                                                                          Parents are CH Hoshi x CH Valley Girl
DOB: December 5, 2011                                                                                              DOB: December 4, 2011





CH TLC's Land It In The Hudson

 "TLC's Makin Heads Turn"


CH Orients Pride Koda Kiyoshi

Parents are CH Hoshi x CH Valley Girl
DOB:December 4, 2011


~TLC's He Will Never Forget~



Parents are CH Hudson x CH Macy

DOB: April 2013OFA Hips-Good  AK-14529G27F-PI

OFA Elbow-Normal

CH Tlc's He's Watching Over Me



Parents are CH Hoshi and CH Valley Girl                                                                                                            Parents are CH Koda and CH Domino

DOB: December 4, 2011                                                                                                                                                  DOB: December 30th, 2011


Parents are CH Koda x CH Domino

DOB: August 13,2012

OFA Hips- Excellent: AK-14523E33F-PI

OFA Elbow-Normal: AK-EL2356F-33-PI

Bred By: Ashley Peniston & Naomi Browning
Parents are CH Koda x CH Domino
DOB: December 30th, 2011 


TLC's Shes In Your Sights


CH TLC's Caught In The Moment 

CH TLC's Makin Heads Turn




CH TLC's N Charge Of The Show


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 TLC's Lexie Is Just A Dream

***AKC Champion!!!***


TLC's Endless Addiction

***AKC Champion!!!***

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